Hip Surgery – Ending a Career?

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hip problems
hip problems

Tim Lincecum is a 4-time All-Star experiencing degenerative hip problems

Tim Lincecum has won three World Series titles, been to four All-Star games and won 2 Cy Young awards, given to the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. He has pitched for nine seasons and logged 1643 2/3 regular season innings. His career might be over because of hip pain. Hip problems have been a problem for Lincecum for years but he will visit noted hip doctor Marc Philippon in Vail, Colorado and may have hip surgery, according to published reports.

According to reports out of Lincecum’s camp, he has been “hampered by an instability” and his team has called it a “degenerative” condition. While Lincecum is clearly a young man still, more and more data has shown that younger people are having hip surgery than ever. Even more dramatic is the need for entire hip replacements. Hip replacement problems have been in the news quite a bit recently as lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers in response to flaws in the metal the hips are made out of. While Lincecum clearly isn’t looking at a hip replacement in his situation, it does underscore the serious nature of the problem and how many Americans are forced to deal with hip problems and hip replacement problems.

As mentioned, the metal-on-metal hip implants have been causing issues after hip replacement surgery for thousands and device manufacturers claimed were more durable and provided a greater range of motion than earlier-generation artificial implants made of ceramic, plastic and metal combinations. Many of those claims have been proven false.