Hip Surgery for Some, Replacement for Others

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hip replacement

Even the best athletes in the world can be impacted by hip problems. Washington Nationals outfielder Denard Span had to undergo hip surgery earlier this week after previous back trouble morphed quickly needing surgery. Span was initially feeling left hip inflammation, but the pain increased and eventually doctors realized he needed surgery on the labrum in his hip. Span, 31, has had injuries before, but mostly in his core and not the hip. Span’s manager, Matt Williams said about the hip problem: “This game that we play is not conducive to any of those joints, whether it’s your shoulder, your elbow, your hips, your back. It’s all rotational, and at times it can be damaging. He’s gonna get it fixed and go from there.”

hip replacement

Many athletes have surgery, others need hip replacements

Whether it is a 31-year-old world-class athlete or a 62-year-old father of five, we all have issue that impact our bodies. For Span it was a labrum surgery. For others, it is an entire hip replacement surgery. For those with complete hip replacements, there are many folks out there who have had surgery to correct their hip issues using metal-on-metal hip replacements. These surgeries are incredibly effective, but many have experienced significant hip replacement problems as a byproduct of faulty hip devices. There are actually lawsuits going on right now that compensate people who have these defective devices in their bodies. If you or someone you know has been impacted by one of these metal hip replacement surgeries, they may be entitled to significant compensation. Visit HipReplacementProblem.com to learn more details.