Recovery Time for Replacements of All Kinds Speeding Up

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hip replacement

“Joint replacement surgery in the outpatient setting, by definition, necessitates and encourages the development of techniques that make the experience less complicated, less painful and less restrictive. About 1 million replacements are done every year. That number is expected to triple as baby boomers age. … There has been a demand from healthy patients to avoid hospital admission. We’ve worked very hard to put together a program that makes it possible.”

hip replacement

Dr. Funderburk in South Carolina

Dr. Mike Funderburk (Spartansburg, SC)

With revolutions like these, the speed at which patients are able to have and recover from hip replacements is on the rise. This is fantastic news for folks who suffer from painful hips. For those who have had a hip replacement and are experiencing pain associated with the procedure, there is the opportunity for compensation. This comes in the form of and their experienced team.

If you think you may have received a defective hip implant we would like the opportunity to review the details of your hip replacement surgery. We will need to know the manufacturer of your artificial hip and, if necessary, we will help you obtain this information.
A legal settlement can help alleviate some of the pain and suffering patients endure while they seek a solution to this unjust issue concerning hip replacement surgery. If more patients come forward, we may be able to rectify this problem and prevent hip implant manufacturers from behaving irresponsibly.